Crete revisited – Water life

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“Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

Crete revisited – Water life

After twenty-five years, it was time to set foot on the island of Crete. Yes, years do fly by so fast, it’s better not to start counting backwards, rather use the safe term “a few years ago”. It was interesting to see, what had changed and what had not. Of course, this wasn’t a whole island trip, rather a one week fun packed package holiday in the midst of the working year. But still, there is no law saying, it can’t be enjoyable. But moving on, the island was lush green, as it was spring time and not too many tourists yet, since it was off season.

So, what is the number one thing to do when in Greece? Go to the beach, of course! What else did you think? Well, a beach, pool, spa, any kind of water source really you can find, and believe you me, there are plenty to choose from. All clear, blues and turquoise shades, some with waves and others more calmer soothing places.

Take your pick on the activities, be that sightseeing while hiking up and down the hills. Go fishing and catch a tall tale (at least). Or simply relax and bathe under the sun (better stay under the parasol if you are from the North like me!).

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