Shadow and Light

“More fun in the shadow, right?” Gun Roswell

Shadow and Light

What things lurk in the shadows rim
Evil or good, why don’t you go and take a look
Maybe you will like what you find
Maybe, there is something so fine
Or maybe, even something divine
It will make you want to live there for good
Even though you know, you really not should
The temptations whispered into your ear
As you enter the darkness without fear
Deep down you know it is so wrong
But you are determined and think you are that strong
Resisting the urge to stay
As you only come along for a short play
After a while, there is no more time
And maybe you feel just fine
Soon forgetting there ever was a light
But the nagging feeling, gives you fright
Starting a struggle to get away
But the light, is only on a small display
Nothing more than a tiny dot
As you remain sitting there, in your darkened spot

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