Mundane Monday and Spring Time 3

”It’s another Monday again folks, but today it seems to be so much nicer!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday and Spring Time

Red House

The old-style house on the hill
Against the back drop it just chills
Never mind the construction
It has always avoided destruction
Sitting so pretty, in another wise (shitty)
New style concrete block environment
The red house is surely gets its adornment

A contrast, built to forever last
(Maybe some fixing needed, the owner admits)
But so cute, so rare
It must be spared!
The tiny red house on the hill with a mouse
And in this image still, it looks like the house
Made for Jack and Jill
(or Juliet and Jill or Jack and Gill, which ever you prefer)
For everyone really, in it to chill
So, come on in, have a coffee
They even server baked muffins with toffee!

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