Versus I two

“From the busy streets, towards the calm beach, that is the goal in life” Gun Roswell



I see the image in my very mind, it’s something unique, someplace to unwind
The colours changing now, from green to a coolest blue, some kind of hue
But then, like a sharpened photograph, everything is in my grasp.
The shining sun, rising high above, the breeze so low, the pace so slow
The turquoise waters glimmering, I wish I could swim in them

I run as fast as I can, then on to the sandy beach I land
At this point I don’t care if it is a dream or someone’s bad joke or scheme
I shed my clothing, boots and all, and into to the soft waves I let myself fall
Getting carried away to the wide open seas, where nothing and no one else do I see
Only sounds made are those of seagulls, flying high above my skull

This is bliss, this is calm, this is what I seek, this is what I want
And then, I wake up, as the car beside me honks

“Move it of lose it bozo!” I hear

Yes, I am back in the noisy street I fear
Until next time, when I dare to dream
As life never really is what it seems

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