Olden Days I one

”Everything was so much better in the good old days!” Gun Roswell

Olden Days

 Laundry Day

When airing, your clean or dirty laundry
Just make sure, to not show off anything tawdry
People, these days, are so easily offended
And then, you will only get arrested
Even if to all your mistakes and faults you confessed
And told them all, it wasn’t even your dress there

So now, trying to explain your way out of this big mess
As the old school clothes seemed to be so filled with holes, no less

“But they were just fine a minute ago, or maybe it was ten years, I really don’t know,
Tell me why I should perfectly good garment away throw,
Even with big, see through holes,
They really keep me nice and cool, when the wind blows”

The argument for and against may have taken too long
In the end, the end results for either side were none too strong

Today, once again, is laundry day
My raggedy old things, on the washing line sing
The same old broken song,
Even joining, is the odd thong

“We may be old and worn, but we will not be scorned
By anyone’s looks of long, as there is nothing with us wrong (not really)
And we will hold together, with a thinnest of tethers
Until we are discarded, and into carpets yarn
So, never mind us here, just look over there!”

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