Monochromatic Madness

“Let’s try to see the world in black and white today” Gun Roswell

Monochromatic Madness

Today I see everything, in black and white


I just guess I was too tired, to argue, what is wrong and what is right?
And the n finally, giving up the eternal fight:

Of constantly proving, that other colours do exist
But, that you, just have to, really let
Them inside of your own, tiny and closed world
And then completely, in to the colours get hurled

Because, building up a view, of two colours only
Might end up being, a scene much too lonely
But if you are willing, to sink in there boldly
Then, whenever you find yourself, in total dismay
You just might end up, seeing all the shades, of grey

The nuances of the monochromatic
Some of them, are oh so dramatic
And soon, you realize, it’s not so bad after all
It’s actually quite the opposite, even fantastic!

So, I guess, when the two or more colours mix
A gorgeous pallet of various shades does exist
And it’s all, going to be really, really great!
And that’s what matters after all, in the end!

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