Travel in monochrome 1

“Not all is glamorous in colour” Gun Roswell

Travel in monochrome

When all around you is in bright colour
Colour, which also has a pungent odour
Odour, which can be mostly nice
Nice, but when you look at it twice
Twice, may just be two times to much
Much as I love all the bright colours
Colours can also be these three
Three of the neglected ones
Ones which carry quite much
Much nuance as the other ones
Ones which are called grey

Grey and it’s sisters black and white
White is the perfect pristine one
One to co inside with the darker
Darker, darkest, call it black
Black as strong as night
Night, which fades in two grey
Grey which shimmers into all shades
Shades of the monochromatic rainbow
Rainbow with so many colours
Colours which are not visible
Visible to the naked eye at least
Least, just give them a try
Try on them for a size
Size so non existent it slims
Slims and makes you look so good
Good in black and white
White and then even some greys
Greys, which will then fade
Face away

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