Sunny Side Up

“Basking in the sun, lazily in this chair, when supposed to be, going to do some shopping” Gun Roswell

Sunny Side Up

When broken and tired of all the running around
So many shops and still, nothing to be found
The weather scorching, as is the heat
How I wish you could find one empty seat

Luckily or unluckily, the one to be seen
Is smack in the middle of a sunny type scene
The place so bright even the colours are fading
But since they are the only ones left, I will stop complaining

Hopping on to the cushions so inviting
Trying hard to ignore the offers quite exiting
But I feel still so totally spent
Not even those cute little things in the window will up me get

Panting finally subsiding
I am turning my face towards the sun so shining
Letting the rays of sun soak my sweat
I know, it sounds awful, but better than being drenched

After the moment has past and I feel lighter
I watch though the shop windows and get delighted
I can see something really nice i have for long wanted
And then, with a new spring in my step, I am inside invited

I shop and shop and shop until I drop
Then with all the bags accumulated for a moment I stop
Gazing at the still empty seat so comfortable
I know I need to sit down, before I continue my way home

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