Balcony Life

“Summer and hot weather: Open the windows and doors!” Gun Roswell

Balcony Life

When the midsummer weather hits
Hits so hard, you cannot even sit
Sit, in one place or another without breaking
Breaking a sweat so huge you cannot wait
Wait, until the draft from all the opened
Opened doors and windows start to blow
Blow, so hard you can feel it in your bones
Bones, still sore from the freezing winter’s cold
Cold, you now yearn for at this time of year
Year, when you thought the warmth and weather would be clear
Clear, to spend all your time outside
Outside, in the nature so open and wild
Wild, but that is not in your own nature
Nature, ever changing for you and outside
Outside, where you wanted to stay for a while
While, but then a thought occurred
Occurred, in a flash of light
Light, which is plenty full outside
Outside, is where you really want to be
Be, but still in a very cool breeze
Breeze, and then, be able to breathe
Breathe in the warmth and openness of summer
Summer, you waited for so long for
For now, take a seat, a table and some drinks
Drinks, to keep you cool inside
Inside, is certainly not where you want to be
Be, outside, but high up, and then, it was so clear
Clear, as the skies out there
There, is the place where I can finally be
Be cool and, enjoy summer, to the most
Most, as I now sit on the chair in my balcony!

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