Lanzarote Island revisited

“Travel back in time, to the wonderful island, of Lanzarote, but only in my memories and photographs” Gun Roswell

Lanzarote Island revisited

The skies, painted in the most gorgeous colour of blue
Clouds, so totally white and fluffy, but luckily, far and few
Sun, which seems to be always shining, ever so brightly
The pool just outside, now beckoning and oh so inviting

The local, and the original dwellings painted all in white
This, magnificent place, oh, definitely is our “campsite”
Our home away from home, well, at least, for a week
What else could one want, or to be, or even, to see?

But to this gorgeous village in the middle of nowhere to flee
On an island no less, in the middle, of the very, very large sea!

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