The Pink Rose

“The rose has a name, some name, which I don’t now recall, so a rose by another name I guess” Gun Roswell

The Pink Rose

The thorny side neatly hidden, as it was standing there, tall, fresh and pink, ready for others to get smitten, but the sheer beauty of it all. A perfect one of the lot, and whomever it passes simply has to stop, to admire, to adore, in total awe as there really are no visible flaws. And that fact alone will get the rose, several loud rounds of applause.

But, be warned, do not try to touch or pick the tall pink beauty up. Here is the catch, as you onto its thin and slender body latch, then a prick of the thorny side you will soon catch. Loosing some blood in the process, well, some might say it does not cause any soreness.

But as you leave the pink rose standing there, all tall and gorgeous, you know life after this will be quite different. As you feel the wide bleeding wound this gorgeous pink rose has left in place, which will never be repaired as this flower is for no one to ever keep.

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