Moo moo from the roof top!

“The cow on the roof top stood and shouted out a loud “Moo y’all, come on and have a ball!”” Gun Roswell

Moo moo from the roof top!

The black and white large cow stood, up on the highest of roof tops as she just could
It was a sign of something new on the rising, as the big bovine towards the horizon
Was arising and then, without much of any kind of warning, opened her wide muzzle
Because today was not the time for a cure nuzzle, rather a shout out to the group of cattle
To come and join her in the heated battle, as today, they were finally getting their way
Breaking free of all them shackles, the hooman peoples had forced them on for ever
Soon enough the whole large herd of them appeared, their hoofs stomping the ground
Giving their moo thanks to the special one on the roof top who had their freedom finally found
And then, as per a unified stance, they gave their former keeper one more final glance
Before stampeding off to the wide beyond, never to be seen or heard of except in tall tales
Sung by the bards when it was safe, as this was one set of cows, nobody wanted to piss off

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