No email today?

“Am I missing out on something very important here?” Gun Roswell

No email today?

The empty box, stating in bold letters “No mail”
No, this can’t be right, do checking once again

“Refresh, refresh, refresh! One more time, refresh!”
Hitting on that circular arrowy button one ore more times more, I confess

But I still get the same defiant message
It’s taunting me to the point of depression

Checking the internet connection, maybe that is the reason
Bringing up the program, watching the speed catching on

A hundred, then two, then more, bringing up the total score
The power, the speed, the search engines, all of it aboveboard

No definitely there is nothing on the side of the World Wide Web wrong
As this invisible connection is definitely very stable and oh so strong

Glaring at the screen, particularly the so called postal box of the internet
Where the electronically delivered communiques usually arrive without get

But it seems, that not for me, not today at least, there will be no sliver
Of any kind of news, any hellos, not one single offer, nothing of sorts, delivered

Am I missing out on something very important?
Am I on the block list for some reason I should not?

The fear strikes then, that of the lack of all that is out there
As the whys nobody anything with me wants to share

Pure torture this is, because I am fearing the worst of sort
That I am no longer liked, as I keep on staring at the blank box

Refresh button forgotten, as I might as well be the misbegotten
Falling into darkness, I fear I have become one of the important less

Almost loosing my mind, the mantra ongoing, “Why oh why?!”
And the the familiar sound of the ding, sounds out from the machine

As I dare to look, I feel the powerful feeling all over and every nook
Of me starts doing a small dance as I am reading, “you have new mail”

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