3 am rain 

“It’s 3am and I’m supposed to be sleeping” Gun Roswell 

3 am rain 

The noise got me out of a light slumber and I started to wonder the cause of it. As I got up an looked out my window sills were filled with large balls of hale, the kind which come down with frozen rain. Imagine my surprise, when I tried outside more to spy, but the total darkness blocked the views which anyway were a few. It was supposed to be the month of May, where the nights were short and light but clearly whomever was in charge of the weather forecast had lost the fight.

I watched the pouring rain for a moment longer before it got much stronger. But as sleep was finally catching up with me, I decided not to let a few rainy drops bother me and so, I fell asleep, after all it was three in the early morning and I was getting up in a few hours so what of a few showers, as I needed my beauty sleep before the dawning.

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