Cat sleeping on a chair

“The cat sleeps on the chair. Why? Well, he owns it so there!” Gun Roswell

Cat sleeping on a chair

The cat on the chair was snoring loudly, and it was lying there quite proudly. Why you might ask, is the chair occupied by an animal whom should be on the prowling rather than at home snoring?

Well, here is the thing, you see, that cat over there, sleeping, bought the chair in a flee market on the square and now, as he is the owner of the furniture, it’s only natural he should be sleeping on it as well, right?!

So, if you need another place to sit on, then find one or buy one as there is no way you will get the one the cat is sleeping on, even if he was out there doing his prowling thing. It his chair, and that is the end of that discussion in this house hold anyway as the cat always has the last say!

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