Shadows and seats 

“There is always a seat when you need one” Gun Roswell 

Shadows and seats 

The warm sun shining in the blue skies and I find myself whining to the simple fact of too much heat and direct sunlight in my pale face. Trying very hard but there is simply no escape. But wait! What did I just spot in my peripheral vision but something most likely to be saving my over cooked bacon? A seat over there in the distant, and to be scarce, it’s residing in the only shadowy spot to be seen or found for miles on end. Could I really be that lucky and be the one, whom over there ion a few could run? Or is this simply a terrible joke, a mirage at the expense of my over heated delusional mind? Please please be kind and let me over there my way find and nothing more will I ever ask again. Well, not until the next time when I’m in trouble again, so talk then as now I need to get to my precious seat on the cool shadows and plenty of rest there spend until it’s  time to say, when and get going again.

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