Fields of summer

“The summer is near, I can feel it in the air, and smell too!” Gun Roswell

Fields of summer

The spring came quite late as it seemed to hesitate, whether to arrive at all, or simply skip it over and move straight to fall. Alas, without warning, the temperatures jumped from practically zero to scorching. Or at least, that is how it felt for the unpractised Northerner, but soon enough, getting used to the tough change from zero to warm was upon and then, getting outside for the summery fun, with games and gardening, waiting to be done. The flowers in full bloom as the greeneries of the waste fields were grown fast and even the trees got their deserved lush cover as the leaves popped out from the tiny nubs, laying dormant for most part of the year. But not today as it was finally good enough to sprout out and give the humans their yearly show of the scenic greens across the fields and all over. Summer had finally arrived and that was worth a huge big smile.

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