Sky Box 

“Sitting up really high, so close to the sky, in a small box, watching life pass by, and that is just fine as I can finally smile” Gun Roswell

Sky Box 

I was told, that the very best spot, at least on the land I am forced to thread for the foreseeable future, might just be the tiniest of a box, built on top of a towery construct. Reaching for the skies, on the field open wide, the outlook of it all even causing a smile.

As I climb up the steps, I have really no idea what to expect, but then when I finally arrive to the end of my climb, I can see they why as I glare at the wow effect right in front of my very eyes, and indeed all those making their praises of this place were totally right.

As I take my seat, close to the panoramic view, sometimes reserved for only the few, but today also for me, and I can only say one thing about this magnificent scene, this is so the best spot, of the lot! And I may never want to leave this place, not for a while at least.

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