The old cottage on the island lies

“Nostalgia, is the best word to describe these two dwellings“ Gun Roswell

The old cottage on the island lies

They are rusted and quite busted, neglected and rejected, those dwellings from the past, which no one thought would until this century last, but how wrong they were as those houses are still here, and will most likely be long after we are all gone, remaining strong.

They might not look like much, maybe needing a slight touch up, but once you get inside, you cannot help but smile, as despite the rough outlook of the houses, the insides are far from louse, but rather cozy and warm, keeping you safe and sound through any imaginable storm.

So, if ever in doubt, when wandering out there, on an island with none too much to share, at least not in looks and on the surface of it, barren by default, without a fault of its own, but of nature without much going on, the houses will still give you shelter without faltering.

Next time you may want to reconsider, judging a book or any other by just looking at the cover, don’t forget there is so much more beneath of the simple looks, and yes, it applies too so many other things as well than just books.

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