Chicken pass, Cat ignore

“The cats can ignore anything and anyone, they’re just built that way and god do I envy them!“ Gun Roswell

Chicken pass, Cat ignore

The chicken kept on clucking as it was forward strutting, trying oh so very hard catch the attention, of the snoozing feline friend. Alas, the cat, had decided to not to talk with their friend, the chicken, rather keep on their supposed napping there in the corner of the street, where everyone could clearly see, that the cat, was simply ignoring the bird passing by. Why you may ask because it was well known, the two of them were friends, so why not say hello, as this was their usual MO. But not today, as the cat had decided that it wasn’t going to bother at all, as the cat was in one of their moods once again, something the chicken friend knew quite well, and now, as it had made the try of being friendly and getting completely ignored, by the cat whom supposedly snored the day away, so why would the chicken bother further, as knowing it was not she who was the fowl here rather the cat, being the one aptly named foul.

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