A brief breather on the country side

“A trip to the deep of the country side, can easily make you smile and take a deep cleansing breath” Gun Roswell

A brief breather on the country side

When the city air, leaves you in despair, and the need for some freshness is all you can declare, then hop into that van of yours and let it carry along the highway long, until you reach that place, where nobody much stays, but always yearn to one time on the future live in, by the side of the country, wagered things are as they used to be, at least if you believe.

And so, when you get there, take a really long breath of the cool, calming and clean air, let your lungs fill with the stuff, like a puff from the proverbial pipe. And let it inside of you dwell for a long long moment before letting it expel, ever so slowly though, as this air, is no foe, but a friendly reminder from the past, letting you know nothing will last, not long anyway.

So, enjoy the fresh cool calmness for now, and when you are done, and have to leave, just remember to tell the tale to the next person, whom might want to set their sails, the this place where miracles are made, to be shared, with all those seeking them.

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