A moped ride across the town

“The two wheeled ride, will steal your heart, totally and for good, if you are not careful enough” Gun Roswell

A moped ride across the town

The two wheels required to peddle and then steer a motorised vehicle now totally dear, to a place far away or even a some place near, the ride always a pleasure, no matter the initial feel, because the cycle, moped or some other kind of motorised bike, will make the day with a permanent smile. The bike, can you whatever juice to power up you may choose, whether human power, electrical current or even the bad kind, the gasoline from the hose. Still, the best bet is to let your own feet do the peddling, at least for a while, and when feeling the pain, sweat and dire, then power up the small engine and let the whole thing fly, for a moment, and after the recharge of your own self is complete, then take control of the drive and make it a nature worthwhile effort. Because the effect is much more than that, your heart, body and soul becoming more apt, while making the use of your legs, instead of a power source more quaint. But whatever the means are in the end, it is all a time and effort well spent, when taking that ride in outside, even if it was just a short one cross town.

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