Hog of the Hedge

“Let’s take care of *all* the animals out there, ya hear!” Gun Roswell

Hog of the Hedge

The tiny animal with knives sharp spikes on their back, sounds terrifying right? But as a matter of fact, they are a cuddle little thing, someone who turns up in the early spring and then runs around the garden all summer long. When comes the Fall, it will curl up to the smallest of balls, and then sleeps all Winter long until it is once again time for the upon coming Summer to prepare and that is where this tiny mammal will find their spot, right there, under the ray of sun warming up.

But, a gentle reminder, if you care to spot a hedgehog, then best place is really close to any kind of shrubbery or bushes. Still, the camouflage of this animal as optimal, so, maybe be very careful as to where your delicate fingers you will stick as the defence mechanism of the hog are those sharper than teeth kind of spikes at the back and prick your easily they will, intending really no harm, but hey, if you go poking about, then be prepared as it is their defence!

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