By the seashore, see more, stay away from bore

“There is something to be said about the calming waves of the shores of the blue seas, it’s just that, well, they do speak to me” Gun Roswell

By the seashore, see more, stay away from bore

The bluish hues of the waters glimmering in the morning sunshine simply beckoning to get out there to have some fun. Splashing around in the calming waves, whether alone or with some close friends. The effect of this liquid form can be quite an uplifting lore, as forgetting all the daily chores, at least for this day, when sun and water come up to the sandy shores together, for a play. Preparing the perfect setup for anyone there to stay, as long as they had found the way there.

So, if you have some time, try spending the whole day right beside those bubbly waves, dipping and diving into the cool blues, which sometimes even turn to turquoise hues, slowly but surely blending into the skies as the horizon slowly fades, making the scene look like and endless palette of bright light, coloured in blue. And certainly something good for the body and soul, to perhaps make it whole or at least give it a patch to carry on until the next time.

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