Oh so very cloudy

“The skies are totally covered with some kind of thick blanket of a thing… Oh, clouds them be!“ Gun Roswell

Oh so very cloudy

The skies were slowly turning, from their usual blue hue churning, filling up with a more thicker substance in all the colours of grey much to the dismay of those dwellers on the ground expecting the full force of the sun to shine upon them, as it had been foretold and reserved even.

It was suddenly getting a lot more darker each passing moment, as if there was some kind of a major storm event on the rising, right out there in the far away horizon, and none of the onlookers were smiling, as this was not what they had ordered, from the weather gods beforehand.

Oh weather, thou art a heartless wench, never the one to follow direction or orders from anyone else, and now, today, the only fun and sun filled day off the shore, was supposed to be the ultimate score for those lowly dwellers of the ground having their spot in the sun found

But no, not today, not for those tiny people would be a play as the clouds were dark and thick and filled with thunder and rain, no, today was going to be hell and pain, and yes even more rain, as the weather gods had changed their minds once again, just for the heck of it. Oh shit!

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