Early morning office hours

“The sun only now rising, even if I have been working for several hours” Gun Roswell 

Early morning office hours

It was still very dark, when I first arrived to the setting where office type of working is usually done, and not really the kind of fun, rather something where the laughter is reduced to stun. And the darkness outside, even when seated at the window quite large, does not do too much, as there is nothing to see, not even the bluest of calming seas.

But, luckily, after several hours of arduous labour, there is a somewhat of a nice surprise behind the glass, as the sun has decided to pay a visit, and the rise of it is once again something quite exquisite, leaving the onlooker in a warm fuzzy feeling, the rays lightening the mood, from brooding to smiling widely, and that is a thing not happening very lightly.

So, after several moments of practically bathing in the shining sun, the working day does not seem so totally glum anymore and all the many boring chores, are getting done, while singing a chorus, or at least in the minds of the worker, as they gingerly go on with all their daily duties.

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