The skyline surreal 

“Taking a trip to a place, way, way off the grid, a pretty city in the surreal timeline, well, of sorts” Gun Roswell 

The skyline surreal 

The distorted vision greeting me, as I step through the gate to great unknown, the city in the distant horizon once looming, now revealed to me in its full bloom, a place out of time and space, which never quite the same stays, is now right in front of me, for me to a tour of it to do.

It was not an accident that made me wander to this place, but more of an act deliberate I popped in to all these views, as you see, I once dreamed of this magnificent skyline of sorts, and knowingly the entrance then for quite the while sought, and finding it me to this city now brought.

It might be just a simple dream I am still in, a vision quest of sorts, having me visiting a vista a totally adore, and being truthful I may just be cozily in my own bed with a snore, but nevertheless, this image I am now in was totally worth whatever the cost and so, I keep on going deeper and further inside of it all, taking it all in, no matter if I am a wake or simply in a state of dreaming.

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