A seat by the poolside

“The seat by to poolside, with a view to the great open wide, might not be the best place for  progressive work“ Gun Roswell

A seat by the poolside

The leisure times usually get divided between the working hours and family time, mostly just life as per usual, but some times, the need for a complete shutdown, the internal switches simply turned off, then even a day or few, should be spent, somewhere far away, from the daily grind and when that place is found, then no other sound disturbing the peace and quiet, would the the soft winds and the gentle waves flip-flopping on the side of the water, surely a place of a sunny day, a Sunday even, but these days? Well, getting off and somewhere else, can be hard even with so much money spent, then again, when the need to relax is there, why spare any resources, as the future still uncertain, perhaps closing the curtains and hiding from it all, is not really as good as stepping out the door, Sunday or not, taking a short breather, is always a good and welcome idea, because life really is too short to simply stall and push the inevitable on hold.

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