All the stuff in one single shot

“Travelling can be rewarding, but getting a lot of the cliche stuff in one shot, that, is truly a great gift to be left with” Gun Roswell

All the stuff in one single shot

The cliches shots are always a  must, as you must trust, they will get the most likes on any kind of social media platform, in a landslide created by the most thunderous storm.

But, trying something a little more artistic, whether it’s the angle of a shot, or the used prop, even something as odd, as a filled to the hilt trashcan, yeah, that is definitely art! Then behold, as now, you have been told, likes are coming down like someone just had unfolded, a medieval triptych, a cheap suit or just, well, can’t seem to think of more metaphors.

So, just go with the most cliche scene imaginable you can find, and you will be the all mighty winner of them coveted social mediocrity likes! (Yeah, you heard me right!)

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