Summer Vibes

“Summer is definitely still here, as per proof, the hot weather, skimpy outfits and reddish sunburns, which really do hurt! And those, are just few of the vibes, of the summer’s jive!“ Gun Roswell

Summer Vibes

Summer is always such a special time for most of us anyway. As it comes by every now and again. And while summer only lasts for a brief moment in time. Perhaps it is just fine. As then, it is much more easy to admire. All that it is. to worship the plentitude of nature as it hits. Out of the blue, all green, yellow and well, blue too. Take it all in, let it grab your heart and then you too can sing. As soon enough, the rough of the upon coming fall. Followed only by the cold and harsh of winter stalls, all the time in the world. While seemingly lasting forever. But will make the Summer Time, feel so much more better.

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