Some kind of window view (from the past)

“Take a peek through the ole looking glass and tell me what you see” Gun Roswell

Some kind of window view (from the past)

The view from a window, found somewhere in the midst of a travelling on the low, in an old school village, built by some ancestral people settling there before time itself was founded, well, at least so many years ago, cannot even make the count, but it does not matter, as this was all someone’s home and now, a treasure trove for us, so called modern people.

But, as you take a seat inside the shadowy home, the darkness the main event, no matter if the sun is still shining, the window sill beckoning, to take a peek to the outside, finding no people, no streets, only calming vistas, the homestead from a long ago, peaceful.

Staring through the looking glass, visions from the past emerge, the children playing, the animals roaming without restraints, simple life, simple times, it was all back then, the sense of family and belonging, across the times spent, at least in the imagination of the onlooker.

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