Riding in a horse drawn buggy

“The wintery season beckons for a ride in the snow, in the open air, the sleigh, but not with reindeer, but, well, horses?” Gun Roswell

Riding in a horse drawn buggy

Winter is the time, the time to feel fine or at least, in trying to enjoy, the weather outside, cold, damp, freezing, too dark, too bright, and oh so totally filled with snowy white.

Alas, if you can get in the mood, the perhaps you should, try the one activity passed down from the ancient past, or at least since the invention of the wheel? Or maybe it was the usage of sleigh with a few exotic animals in front pulling the thing?

Well, whatever the choice was back then and maybe not so long ago after all, these days, especially in the more southern regions, the ones doing the pulling of the lay ass non walkers slacking around are, horses, but of course(s)!

So, get inside that sleigh, and let the tall proud gorgeous animals out to play, as they slay the drawing of the sleigh, totally so. Hauling the wide load all the way through the snow and hey, if you aren’t going to enjoy it all, then shame on you!

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