A cat litter

“A cat in the bag? Better to have a litter in the box!” Gun Roswell

A cat litter

Dear cat,

What beauty and grace you posses
How god like is your essence
Basking, in the bright light, your very existence


When the can opener is a rumbling
You come along, a tumbling
Knocking down all the nick-nacks
Pushing aside all them obstacles
Grace and beauty far gone behind
When come along galloping, the carpets entwined
Looking more and more
Like an old race horse on drugs
Or a drunken person running amok
Rather than any of my gods

And then, when there are more of you
Than just, well, one or a few
The household, is left in a total and utter mess
But, there is one thing, I must confess
I love you all, and want you here forever to stay
As I would not have things any other way!

Yours truly,
Hooman, keeper of the cats

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