Autumn, Fall

“Autumn, Fall, what ever they may it call, it’s still gorgeous!” Gun Roswell

Autumn, Fall

In the middle, of the busiest of city centres
Lies a hidden treasure, an oasis, oh so totally splendid
Waters too, clear and very blue, just as the above fluffy clouded sky
The air, today, crisp and clean, with only a few small birds in flight
The bigger ones, such as ducks and even several swans
Make their own way, on the solid ground

But, soon enough, diving into the inviting waters
Frolicking, bathing, even playing, like sea otters
Which in this treasured pond, are not really, found
The odd passer by, giving, to the animals, all around
Treats of plenty, and then, remain watching, in complete awe
As the nature and the animals together a tableau worth a painting form
And for a passing moment, even time itself, completely stalls

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