Gate Keeper

“There is always someone on the lookout, at the gate, a guard of sorts” Gun Roswell

Gate Keeper

The always vigilant one
At the gate keeps having fun
At least to them selves
After checking out each and everyone
Which there dare to delve

But it can also be lonely there
Where, there is no other time to spare
Except keep watching all the time
Not even the late evening chime
Will make the gate keeper leave their scene of crime

Alas sometimes, there are advantages
When nice passersby bring them cartridges
Filled with the finest of whines and food
All the gate keeper must do
Is to sit down, take a slack back and enjoy

After all, there might be things to lose
But then again, sometimes, the battles, you just choose
Taking time off from the duties so serious
Is a must or then one could go quite delirious?

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