A seat on a bench on Sunday afternoon

“Take a load off, on the nearest bench, it’s seat Sunday, after all” Gun Roswell

A seat on a bench on Sunday afternoon

It’s close to the time, when the weather will be just fine and taking a dive to the great divine, nature, or maybe, just the close by neighbourhood, as you should, enjoy this time, when everything starts to sprout out and kids are chanting quite loud. Yes, it is the spring which has gotten us all so very wild and that is all really fine. So, go, get out there, take a stroll, even a short one will take the load off, from all the indoor activities, which in these days are the main things we tend to do. But not today, not on this finest of Sunday, where the sun is shining and birds are chirping and yes, some of it might be irking just a wee, but you see, nature, the outside, that will make you smile. So, put your Sunday shoes on and take the leap, out the front door and go, go explore!

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