Snail, Snail on the Porch lay (or moved, not sure)

“Slimy they be. Maybe, but also quite fine-y, predicting the weather and all, so for an animal that small, I dare the weather person to do the same with just their own antennae!” Gun Roswell

Snail, Snail on the Porch lay (or moved, not sure)

The weather forecast of a stormy and rain filled day, was about to turn in to a finding on display, at least, on the world wide web as the slimy snail looked too cool to ignore, so what the heck. Snap, snip, post, done, what could have been more fun? Certainly not sitting in a darkened room staring at the ‘puter all day long, even if the feeling of missing the working day seemed wrong.

Well, as it turned out, sitting beside the small snail on the porch, for the better part of the afternoon, soon turning to eve, which came way too soon, as watching the small animal making its way to the hide out chosen by its mate was more of an adventurous day the pix snapper had had in a long, long while! And that in itself, was definitely worth a wide smile, am I right!?

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