Cat in the Grey of the streets

“Cats come in all kinds of furry flavoured colours, and we don’t judge them for it, do we now.” Gun Roswell

Cat in the Grey of the streets 

The sleek, suave and grey coated small size cat, the king of the road as a matter of fact and everyone was looking at. As fancifully prancing around every which way, clearly here to slay, metaphorically at least, any kind of beast. Acting like the very owner of the minor city, something which was making the onlookers quite giddy. Because this grey haired cat, was all that, which anyone around would like in themselves to be found. After all, this cat, had earned all the admiration, the applauds, the good fortunes, all of it, by simply acting where no one else would give a shit. As this very cat could have easily decided to simply to sit on their ass, and not give a crap of the surroundings. But found instead, the courage to do something and so much more and now making things much better and easier for all those dwellers around. So, all and all, the pride and ownership of this particular street was the least, they could give to the street walking all saving grey coated cat, who totally is, all that and more.

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