Fly by

“There is a flyby, just about ever day now” Gun Roswell

Fly by

The annoying high pitch loud sound, was all around
And, the culprit once again, nowhere to be found
I looked all over, search the skies and the ground
But nothing or no one was there, to take the blame
And this was always the case, the mystery remained
As if it was some kind of a too funky game to play
Guess I was getting a little bit tired of this same old
Because it seemed these flybys we’re getting way bold
Still, once it was done, at least for the day so gone
Then I was safe and secure until the next day would dawn
But the mere thought of another irritating occurrence
Kept in my mind all through the night loudly churning
So, deciding that maybe I needed something be doing
Setting a trap and catching that menace once and for all
The annoying chirping flashing thing with flapping wings
So I did and set the culprit finally catch and set it behind
A door latched, but then as the gorgeous songs of sorrow
Began in the cage in knee I had done wrong, and correcting
My mistake was the only action I should quickly take
So letting lose the flyby cause, a bird quite small still
The voice loud and more, as it flew by me one last time
And all I the world seemed to be once again just fine
At least until maybe the next time with a sudden fly by
But hey, now I knew the cause and the next time
I would simply widely smile and give the huge applauds

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