On the rocks?

“Between the hard of the rock and the blue coloured watery place? Tough choices them are, which I have to make!” Gun Roswell 

On the rocks?

When life takes you to the seashore, a place you have seem so many times before, it is there where the endless blue waters and warm sands beneath your soles meet the rocks of the past, standing ever so tall. 

But whether you simply want to look at the statuesque construct by Mother Nature, or the daringly climbing on the very top, be reminded of the danger of the alluring rocky structure, as you  may end up for a great big fall.

So, make your choice, take a pick, of either remaining where you are, on the safety of the beach, and just leaving that one dream of conquering the mountain ever so high, just there, out of reach, playing the bet as safe as can be, because you are here to peace only find!

Or, take on the challenge, to climb as high as possible even if you might lack the talent, because you are the one and only hot head of the heard, of those near which might have that one and only rant heard, and then, simple take the plunge or in this case, the climb!

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