Covered in rain drops

“The rain heels all, at least, that is what they say, right?” Gun Roswell

Covered in rain drops

The rain fall, finally covered it all, the skies, the ground, the walls, trees and the flowers all
As soon as had started, falling at a high rate, which did not last too long and then it was all gone
Leaving behind, droplets of rain, hanging onto to the leaves and the buds just the same
The rain, never discriminating, only leaving the stains, for a while until all going down the drain
But then some of the pebbles of water, were still clinging on, as if proving they were totally strong
Wanting to stay for a moment longer, than those already gone, that they were special among
Those few remaining, but then again, when the sun finally would be shining, they too would dry
And up to the heavens in a foggy vapour they would fly, so, hanging on for a moment longer?
Well, maybe there was a point to it, but after all was said and done and up came the burning sun
The droplets did not last, but went out with a blast, the circle of nature somewhat complete

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