Hazy Waves

“The sea seems a tad hazy today, must be another weather front approaching, perhaps a sunny day or even some warm weather coming our way? Anyway, I am feeling lazy, so as long as there is no storm or snow on the way, I am fine“ Gun Roswell

Hazy Waves

The sea on the side of the beach, seemingly hazy, some might even say, the water looked lazy, as the gentle waves lulled the boats on the shore, not even one fisher person in sight, perhaps as it was too bright, even if the sun was shining from behind the fuzzy clouds up there in the air, it was simply a day hazy and oh so fair.

So, for the landlubber who had sworn never to set one foot on the sandy beach, just to save their tender feet from the pebbles laying beneath, well, today they too, had to eat their words as on this beckoning and lazy day, with the soft shroud hovering there all over the place, the landlubber too, made the decision and then quickly like a soft flying hen, made their way to the sandy shore, where most people now did not feel it too much of a bore, laying about like seals of the high seas, letting the waves wash over them, rather hazily.

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