Seated like a true Queen

“The seat fit for a queen, well, a peasant queen anyway, as it is looking rather plain and small and well, lacking all the bling, still I would sit on it, at least for a bit“ Gun Roswell

Seated like a true Queen

The very ancient design, the soft red velvet, all the hand crafted material, it is all there in the matrix of it, the seat once made, the most gorgeous one ever seen, and so, most certainly, fit for a queen. But, if you want to take a seat on this respite made for royalty, there is one penalty set, before you can take a load off on the soft core, and that is, that you can never reveal, how you found this piece of art work in the first place, as it is the one thing, which never in one place, for a very long time. So, take some time when sitting down and feel the soothing surface of the cushion, made out of the finest materials, because this specific piece as not made for serials, as only the one exists, and it cannot be found on any of the shopping lists. It is as unique, as the one whom on it will sit, a seat only fitted for a true queen.

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