The cat in the blue 

“Whatever colour they might just come in, the cats are always great to me” Gun Roswell 

The cat in the blue 

It sat there, proud of being the colour it was of course, the cat in the middle of the courtyard, dressed all in the colour of blue. It wasn’t a simple suit it had chosen, rather a bold statement of not being one of the dozen. Rather a fully realised person of the feline kind of their very own, with individual thoughts and tastes and whatever it takes to make that special case setting it part from the others.

So, the  cat out there sat, waiting for its pose to arrive, as it was clearly party time, for the weekend had just begun and that meant the same thing for these felines as the hoomans too, which was having some fun. The backyard of the house, was soon starting to fill with all them partying cats dressed up real nice, as their host, the cat in the blue suit had been someone them all to inspire. And so, as the hoomans kept a keen eye, on the partying cats outside, they could not help but admire, the well dressed felines making them all smile

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