My achy breaky tooth

“There is just something about a tooth ache, and being in that tight situation, in which is hardly a funny place to be!“ Gun Roswell

My achy breaky tooth

Sick and tired of aching, there is really no explaining, as to the why oh whys’ and the goings on

So why not simply take me to the dentist, as perhaps inside there something otherworldly exist

Right there, right inside of my poor, poor broken ol’ tooth and maybe I won’t even need that already hired and totally expensive sleuth 

As the mystery is beginning to unravel, bit by bit, broken off piece by piece, something which even my niece, would have a good laugh off

But, as the ache continued to run its cause, the source still unknown, not sure whether a small alien had made its nest there or was it just because

The only option was to try, some heavy duty drugs to push the ever constant hammering away

Then, someone suggested, that maybe, take a trip to the nearest dentist, something which in own foggy mind had not been a thought

So, reserving an appointment right there on the spot, and then running or rather walking to the doctor’s dreary looking shop

The whistles and whining sounds, not a pleasant greeting at the door

Still, I could not be that one person bore, who was afraid of a doctor, when the tooth was sore

Did not even manage to sit down, when a nurse called my name just on the sound of the bell and hell, I was so ready to subside that pain for good 

And what do you know, as it did not take a moment longer, counting from three to nought and then, waking up, not really sore, but with a bloated face

Than again, the pain had finally been taken away, so that was that then I guess

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