Beach side under the parasol do I smile

“The sunny days long and endless, but on this beach, laying like a beached whale, I could care less about leaving this place” Gun Roswell

Beach side under the parasol do I smile

The sandy shores, might give someone else a bore, but for me, on this day of sunshine and blue skies, my only chore, is to simply stay put, lay on my back and enjoy the laid back atmosphere, unafraid of being judged of being too lazy or square, simply because I want nothing else to do on my day off, than just be, without any kind of huff or scoff. 

There are no agendas, no to-do lists, not one other thing exists, here on this beach, under the parasol under the mighty sol, where I rest my weary head, just because of instead being the one running amok back home, trying to get the seasonal festival up and running, something which seems now totally funny, as to the effort put for only a three day puff.

But not this time around, as I have found my peace finally here, on this sandy and calm beach, where I intend to rest my lazy body and head, for the foreseeable few days of time off, and not have a care in the world.

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