Let it snow!

“It might be snowing or then it rains, as nobody can really the winter weather explain“ Gun Roswell

Let it snow!

The weather outside might be quite the frightful, but hey as the song says, just keep up an open mind, then that forgotten smile you just might find, especially during the wintery season, as loving it over the summer is certainly no treason, and once the bad weather and darkness subsides, and the snow starts to gently onto the ground fall, it is almost a moment of time having stalled, as the world turns to a crispy clean surface and getting out there to play is most certainly not a burden.

So, let it snow by all means, even if it sometimes means, that you have the streets to keep clean, from the excess of the powdery stuff there piling up, but it’s all worth the hard work, as after the pavement is plowed, you can once again the others join, and recreate that fun you once found as a child all those years ago, while frolicking in the slippery and cold snow, but never mind, just dress up really warm and you are prepared to even take on the storm, so just let it snow, like it does in the old snow globe.

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