Winter’s window view

“The views from the windows in winter time are simply breathtaking, then again, if you venture to the cold weather outside, then your breath will most certainly be taken!” Gun Roswell

Winter’s window view

The views of the early morning or even mid afternoon, before the darkness arrives in the later time of the day, the sun shining, brightly, for once at least in the middle of this season, the blue skies and fluffy whites up there and the crispness of the cool and cold winter’s air, all those combined, sure do make a wonderful find, when every once in a while, you will remember to look outside the window, the views magnificently monochromic, compared to anything from the summer, but in contrast, these are the times, you don’t mind going back to, in the very heat of the warm season for sure. So, take a good long look, even if it is just the street and the neighbours nook, all covered with the snowy feature, a very cold but still somehow warm blanket of the season, reminding us all, it is time to take it slow and energise ourselves, before the other seasons with warmer weather will soon follow.

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