Bikes on the sidewalk

“There is nothing to riding a bike in the middle of the winter and in piles and piles of snow, right?” Gun Roswell

Bikes on the sidewalk

Bicycles of all sizes and kinds, discarded and thrown haphazardly on the side of the walkway, looking like an unorganised mess of sorts, but this is not really the sports, as each and every vehicle, has been lain down rather carefully, finding their place in the pile of metal and petals, to be used again on their way back home, just like getting to work in the early morning hours, no matter the hail or rain showers.

As riding a bike, no matter the weather and whether there is hail, snow or rain, it is all the same for these cyclists, whom are keen and able to thread, the worst of them all, weather wise and the horrid traffic of course. They are the unsung heroes of these days, the silent knights who are taking their two wheeled friends quite seriously, making sure they are taken care of.

So, before you snort and distorts, this glorious image of a biker hero or knight type, why don’t you yourself give it a try, ride your forgotten bike, no matter what down might be coming, the rain, the hail or the snow, and then only will you be able to frown, or perhaps, it will be a smile after all.

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