Halo around the world

“There is a halo around the world this time of the year, and have no fear, as it is kind of a shield, or then just a pretty effect to be looked at“ Gun Roswell

Halo around the world

The early morning’s sun’s shine, caused it to become quite the uplifting effect, on top of the roofs and beyond it went, as the many colours it did reflect. It was a kind of a shield around the world if you thought about this from the very scientific aspect, but for the most of us mere mortals, it was a simple and enjoyable and quite pretty effect even if it was caused by the sun and the cold and the whatever weather deities might have been up there in the skies and wanting for us to have something a tad more special as the skywatchers of sorts, to look at or perhaps, even take a few snaps as a reminder of the event, for the ole photo album, to be saved for a moment to be reminisced at a later point in time. But still, on that day, for a few hours the phenomena up there would remain, for us dwellers of the group to gawk at in awe and into our minds memory to have it stored, as a rare moment frozen in time up there in the high skies.     

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